Research Teaching Participation

In the StadtBautenRuhr project, new exhibition and education formats were developed in collaboration between TU Dortmund, the Baukunstarchiv NRW and Museum Folkwang.

Book series

The research findings of StadtBautenRuhr on the subjects of culture, religion and education have been published in a 3-volume book series by Kettler-Verlag. Numerous reproductions here afford insight into the holdings of the Baukunstarchiv NRW.


The basic research conducted in the research project on modernist urban buildings in the Ruhr region was linked to teaching from the very beginning. Seminars were given at TU Dortmund University in step with the interdisciplinary StadtBautenRuhr team’s examination of relevant 20th century building types, such as religious, cultural and educational buildings. The seminars were intended for students of the MSc programme in Architecture and Urban Planning, the BA and MA programmes in Art Teaching as well as the MA programme in Art Education.


In an exhibition at the Museum Folkwang in winter 2020/2021 entitled “Und so etwas steht in Gelsenkirchen…” Kulturbauten im Ruhrgebiet nach 1950 (“And they built that in Gelsenkirchen …” Architecture and Cultural Institutions in the Ruhr Since 1950), StadtBautenRuhr traced the “biographies” of some of the most important cultural buildings in the Ruhr region from 1950 to 2020 that gave urban development a fresh boost. The exhibition afforded insight into the holdings of the Baukunstarchiv NRW and their “hidden treasures”, selected examples of which were made accessible to the public.